…at a crossroads, ready to go deeper? You may have been disappointed in love. Or you want a much deeper connection with yourself, your lover – or the one you want to find.

…angry towards men, or blocked when it comes to your sensuality and your sexuality?

…cut off from your emotions? Or the opposite: are you an emotional mess?

do YOU……

…strongly feel your womanhood? If not, this may manifest itself as low energy or even depression, moodiness or a sense of not being connected with yourself.

…know what you feel? Some women aren’t even sure – when asked, they can’t describe what they are feeling. You may appear emotionally stable and open, but beneath it there is a void, something missing.

…feel there is not enough meaning or purpose in your life?

If the answers to these questions help you realise you want to change, then this Programme could be for you.


…rediscover yourself – or the parts that have been deadened. Or lost. Or have simply been numbed by life.

…find a way back to feel safe within your body…to experience again the pleasure of simply being alive.

…learn techniques and practices that you can use in your everyday life to inhabit your body more fully, be able to feel more, to activate your energy system and to cultivate the life force within leaving you with more vitality & energy.

… feel more vibrant, more balanced, grounded within your body and alive.

this WILL……

…help you find your pleasure again, because you are back in charge of your body – the grown-up able to make healthier choices in life.

… support you in clearing what’s in the way for a better flow of life force within.

…deepen the connection with yourself to have greater presence and awareness.

…provide you with a much greater ability to reconnect with your lover, or to be ready for a new partner, because you are more fully connected with your feminine power!
…put you back in charge of yourself.

Everything is now possible.

The intention for this journey is to live more from your heart. We want to feel from our heart, connect with our body, as well as use our mind, and this programme helps you begin the journey towards this ultimate aim.

Sisterhood Circle

4 month Feminine Embodiment programme

February 2021

• learn to relate from your feminine power & live from your heart
• enhance your vitality and sensuality
• become more emotionally balanced & stable

  What you will get:

Live online gatherings and sharing circles via Zoom *
Recorded teachings sent to you on the weeks we don’t meet
Embodied practices and guidance with work book for home practice
Personal mentoring (during the live online gatherings, Facebook group + 1:1 support call)
A Private FB group for you to reach out, share your process to be seen and witnessed in your transformation and healing process & support one another

* Zoom meetings: c 2hr; recorded in case you can’t come live; held c 2x / month on the following Thursdays at 7.30pm:
25 February 2021
11 + 25 March
22 April
13 + 27 May
10 June + 1 July

(Total value: £500)

Options to join:

•  Super Early bird price of £290 until 31 December 2020
• Early bird price of £320 until 25 January 2021
• 26 January onwards one off payment in full £360
• Or you can make 4 payment instalments of £99

What to do next?
Register directly for the Programme

I also offer this programme for private groups of 5 – 7 women

Make a commitment to take a deep dive into yourself. This programme will help you connect with your inner Goddess, and you will take away practices you can use in your everyday life.

Here’s what some of the women who attended have said about the circles …

“Being in a Circle of women of different ages helped to give the Circle a richness of experience and I found myself reflecting more on things like the sacredness of motherhood.”

“I really appreciated Martha’s genuine, generous and kind nature – she created a space where we were heard and supported as individuals whilst experiencing being part of a greater whole. I enjoyed working through the chakras. The embodied practices were tangible and something I can return to when I need support. It was a really good balance of sharing, practice and theory.”

“I feel I have developed a greater sense of flow and movement in my body which I have been longing for. I practiced using this space for my own personal development – really pushing myself to share and be vulnerable – and in doing so I feel I have been able to regain my inner strength and in-turn a strength in my voice again.”

“I attended Martha’s July sisterhood circle. I found the process of gently coaxing the union of masculine and feminine energy very loving to self and the divine. I’m looking forward to going to the next sisterhood circle. I came away feeling more connected and at peace. The openness and warmth from Martha and all the sisters there was something very beautiful to feel. I would definitely recommend this work. For me it’s where I’m at and aligns with my journey but it’s something that one could do and benefit from at any point in their personal journey.”

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