About Martha Egger

Hello beloveds, I’m Martha, a mother, lover, healer & mystic, and like you – I’m a spiritual being in a human body!

Here’s a little story about my life:

Until a few years ago I was blocked.

I’d gone through traumatic experiences in my personal life which left me with low self-esteem, unable to form healthy relationships and completely disempowered. I looked for and found the right support to access my feminine power, and I invested in this process to help me change my life.

It began a journey of discovery, where I learned sacred practices and beautiful approaches and used them to deeply transform myself. It opened me up to a wonderful new relationship with my Beloved, sexual fulfilment and helped me get back in touch with my feminine essence.

I remain on this journey but some time ago I realised I wanted to share what I had learned and the skills I had developed, particularly with other women. That’s why I began Sisterhood Circles in North London: beautiful nurturing and spiritual evenings in which we use Mystic wisdom teachings and embodiment practices of Sacred Union to help women rediscover themselves. What I discovered about myself was that I had an innate gift of accessing the depth required to help others dive profoundly within.

Here’s what some of the women who attended have said about the evenings:

“I know many many of my female friends are yearning for something just like this and I would recommend it to each of them. Thank you very very much Martha Egger”

“Held at an already beautiful studio she set up the circle with such love and devotion it hit me hard as soon as I walked in. The wisdom she shared with us about the sacred masculine and feminine was profound and incredibly transformative for me personally. As it’s 2.5 hours long nothing was rushed, we took time to do the practises, meditations, contemplations and discussions… we all opened up and spoke with ease and depth that only the security, safety and time provided for us by Martha could allow.”

“Thank you Martha for your warmth, your energy, your guidance and presence. I really felt deeply held and assured throughout.”

“I could not ask for a more nurturing evening. It was special!”

“Thanks again for a beautiful evening, you are excellent at holding space and I felt light and open when I left.”

“I want to thank you for the last Sisterhood Circle, I had a such a wonderful time. Thank you for creating a safe place for us all to share. You have a such a warm presence around you that made it so easy to share. I felt a really big shift in my personal and emotional life that week. It hasn’t been an easy ride but I haven’t felt more present and hopeful in quite some time.”

Martha is a certified CraniosacralTherapist B.C.S.T., R.C.S.T, Transformation specialist, Embodiment Teacher, holistic body worker, nurse, a transformational mentor for Emotional Alchemy™ and Sacred Union Alchemy™, and has been facilitating Women’s Circles for the last 5 years in North London. She has undertaken various post graduate trainings including working with trauma & PTSD, leadership & facilitation skills, sacred feminine mystery teachings and has over 13 years experience of working with clients in private practice. Her own life experiences and ongoing path of transformation & healing allow her to be real, to meet you with an open, tender heart. Her clients appreciate her intuitive wisdom, genuine care, her ability to create a safe space with authenticity and deep presence.

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