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Sisterhood Gatherings


sisterhood circle online programme

These are beautiful weekly practices over 4 months which are shared via Zoom gatherings, online teaching, a private Facebook group and personal mentoring by me. Next group starts on 25 February 2021. Sign up for updates 

Private mentoring

these are deeply personal sessions tailored to your own individual needs.
I help you connect with your deep feminine essence, live from your heart and to embody your radiant beautiful Self, using various skills as an embodiment teacher & trauma informed holistic therapist. I also offer to combine these sessions with healing touch & Craniosacral Therapy which is holistic body work that tackles these on a cellular level, helping the nervous system to settle and re-wire.

mixed circle groups

I plan to also run mixed groups, so that both men and women can learn to more deeply connect, experience more passion and full-hearted love bringing forth the beautiful aspects of spirit. Both men and women can connect with the divine feminine and masculine, and from there they can find a whole new way of relating to one another: more aligned, authentic, heart-centered and alive . Women: we don’t need to do this on our own anymore!
Details of these will be announced when I organise them.  

Healing and transformation is always possible and needed on different levels: our body including our mind, the way we relate to one another and with ourselves, in our intimate relationships and community. With the ultimate connection to the Divine a profound shift can happen to how we perceive and live our lives in a deeply meaningful, ecstatic and fulfilled way.

Everything is energy: when we allow the energies to flow through our body and remove the obstacles for doing so, we can experience bliss and ecstasy, vitality and health.

Heaven and Earth supplies us with frequencies and energies which nourish and support us on a deeper level. I feel called to help you plug yourself into these vibrations in a deeply embodied way so you may experience joy & happiness in your life as a spiritual being in a human body and more love & connection with your beloved!

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