Feeling joy and a sense of fulfillment requires us to inhabit our body more fully. I help you to come into deeper embodiment with a combination of hands-on body work and various practices, which helped me personally in my journey to embodied love, feminine power and to magnetic radiance. This is for everyone – women and men.

Tailored to your own individual needs we work together, in your own pace, so that you become more and more your true SELF. This is an intuitive process as each human being has her/his own individual journey to come home into the body, depending on the life experiences and circumstances – present and past.

In my experience it is also important to look at how we process our feelings and emotions and recognize how the body is still holding onto old patterns of behaviour learnt in our younger age. You can learn to liberate these unhealthy behaviours and learn new ways of being with a process, that I learnt in my ‘Feminine Power Mastery Training’ with Claire Zammit: Emotional Alchemy.

The aim of this practice is to consciously look and listen to our deepest feelings and needs. You can learn new skills in holding and containing your own inner process to fully step into an empowered relationship with the whole of yourself and with all of life.

Very often we disconnect from difficult feelings and emotions because they are too overwhelming, or we are just used to pushing them away since childhood. The effects of these feelings and emotions manifest in the body and will often get in the way of being deeply present and focused. As adults, we may then find it hard to really connect in our (intimate) relationships and can feel a lack of fulfilment in our lives.
The practices of ‘Emotional Alchemy’ can simply help us to heal and nurture ourselves. Now is the time! We don’t anymore want to live a life being limited by our past experiences and we don’t want to wait until somebody comes and saves us. It’s time we take self-responsibility and learn to harness the power within ourselves. Using these skills, you can soon feel empowered to turn your story around, so that you can start becoming who you really are.

‘Emotions are the gateway to Divinity’
The work with Emotional Alchemy is a powerful tool to help us connect with our deepest feelings and emotions, sometimes for the first time ever. This can be overwhelming, especially when we are used to pushing those feelings down or distracting ourselves from them.

In my private 1-to-1 mentoring sessions I support you on your journey of healing and deeper embodiment, and to get a healthy sense of integration. I also teach how it’s possible to maintain secure self-containment in order to come into an empowered relationship with yourself. 

Sessions take place in person or via telephone/zoom.

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“I was going through a very difficult time in my life… I experienced my stress level rising up until I was getting all sorts of physical symptoms. I felt ill even though the doctor said all the tests were ok. At this point I realized, thatI had to look deeper in order to get to the real issues which were behind those symptoms. I found your meditation sessions really helpful because you taught me how to connect with that younger self of mine and try to hold and contain him with the resourceful adult self, which I am. I learnt how to be with whatever happened or came up to the surface. I also learnt that feelings and emotions do not just exist in our mind but all over our body; that’s why my body got ill. Now I see that those unresolved feelings I was actually carrying around for a very long time. I felt really understood and comfortable with you from the very beginning. Thanks to your support I could look even deeper and got to understand old trapped feelings and emotions and their influence on my current behaviour. After just a few sessions I am much more confident to face any difficult situations that occur every day!”

“Martha has been brilliant, very understanding, kind and empathetic as well as professional. The sessions so far have felt very healing, supporting me with hands-on work as well as talking and somatic experiencing methods. Each time I have arrived with feelings of anxiety, grief or anger, stemming from different traumas I am working through, but always walked away feeling lighter and calmer, more able to deal with what life is throwing at me, and a bit stronger in myself. Thank you Martha, I am looking forward to our next sessions!”                 Lucy

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